Understanding your laptop specifications

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It’s four years back I got my first laptop. Being a newbie to tech, I had to take my friend’s help in deciding one. I was extremely happy that I got my own laptop and there comes my classmate asking the specifications of my brand new laptop.

I was like OMG! What do you mean by specifications!

So let’s see how to understand the specifications of your laptop.

First let’s consider an example. Have a look at the below laptop configurations.

Dell Inspiron 3567 / i5-7200U / Win 10 / 4GB / 1TB / 2GB Graphics / 15.6″

The first term specifies the product name and model of the laptop. In the example above, you can find “Dell Inspiron 3567” where Dell Inspiron is the product name and 3567 indicates the model.

The second term indicates the processor.

As you have learnt in your school lessons, CPU/Processor is the brain of the computer. “i5-7200U” specifies the processor’s model number. A processor or microprocessor is a small electronic chip that resides in computers. This chip handles all the basic system instructions, such as processing the input from the keyboard and mouse and running the applications. The latest offerings from Intel are its Core i3, i5, i7 series in 7th generation models.

The next term indicates the Operating System. OS must be familiar to you all. In the above example “Win 10” specifies that the Operating System of the laptop is Windows 10.

Operating System is the most important program that runs on a computer. In simple words, it is an interface between the computer user and the computer hardware. Some of the popular Operating Systems include Linux, Windows, OS X, etc.

Next term indicates the memory space. “4GB” specifies 4GB RAM.
RAM, also referred as memory, is the computers ability to store and access information. For example, when you use more than two applications simultaneously, you might have experienced a delay in different application response. That’s why you need sufficient amount of RAM in your machine.

The next term represents nothing but the Hard Disc Drive. This is the storage wherein computer stores the data such as documents, pictures, videos etc. External hard drives are also available in the market, which is not built into the computer. Rather you can connect through USB port.

The next term is Graphics. Another factor which plays an important role in your computer performance, especially when you are working with more number of videos and images, For example, video games.

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