Removing a Kendo grid row

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Consider a kendo grid with a delete button on each row. <button ng-click="deleteClick($event)"/> Step 1 : Get the selected row of the grid where grid is the unique id of the grid. $scope.getGridCurrentRow = function (event) { return $("#grid").data("kendoGrid").dataItem($('tr')); }; Step 2: Remove the selected row from the grid.

Disable the Date deserialization for JObject.Parse in C#.NET

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There are many ways to achieve this. One way of solving this is by specifying a JsonSerializer which instructs how to handle dates. var settings = new JsonSerializerSettings() { DateParseHandling = DateParseHandling.None }; The above code specifies the settings on a JsonSerializer object. But, unfortunately Parse doesn’t have this

Translating all items in an array to a new array of items using JQuery

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Following Example shows how to eliminate fields from an existing array to create a new array. Consider an array as shown below; var dimensions = [{ width: 10, height: 15, length: 20 }, { width: 12, height: 17, length: 22 }, { width: 14, height: 19, length: 24 },];