How can I resize a Kendo Grid column in iPad

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You can enable the Kendo configuration “mobile“. If set to true and the grid is viewed on mobile browser it will use adaptive rendering. It can be set to a string phone or tablet which will force the widget to use adaptive rendering regardless of browser type. The grid uses same layout for both phone and tablet.

<div id="grid"></div>
$(document).ready(function () {
dataSource: [
{ name: "Rahul Jones", age: 30 },
{ name: "Rohit Jones", age: 33 }
height: 550,
groupable: true,
sortable: true,
filterable: true,
resizable: true,
mobile: true,
pageable: {
refresh: true,
pageSizes: true,
buttonCount: 5
columns: [
{ field: "name" },
{ field: "age" }

For reference, please go to the following link

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