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How to submit WordPress sitemap to Google WebMaster Tools

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An efficient XML sitemap will ease Google to find your website pages and there by improving your rankings. The sitemap file will help the search engine to find and index your blog content in the search engine. Follow the below steps to install and submit your sitemap XML. Step

Enable the develop menu in Safari

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From this menu, mostly developed for Web developers, you can do variety of things related to web development. This is disabled by default and you can enable it easily through the following settings Launch Safari on your Mac Pull down the Safari menu Choose Preferences Once the preferences pane

Disable the Date deserialization for JObject.Parse in C#.NET

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There are many ways to achieve this. One way of solving this is by specifying a JsonSerializer which instructs how to handle dates. var settings = new JsonSerializerSettings() { DateParseHandling = DateParseHandling.None }; The above code specifies the settings on a JsonSerializer object. But, unfortunately Parse doesn’t have this

Translating all items in an array to a new array of items using JQuery

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Following Example shows how to eliminate fields from an existing array to create a new array. Consider an array as shown below; var dimensions = [{ width: 10, height: 15, length: 20 }, { width: 12, height: 17, length: 22 }, { width: 14, height: 19, length: 24 },];