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How can I resize a Kendo Grid column in iPad

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You can enable the Kendo configuration “mobile“. If set to true and the grid is viewed on mobile browser it will use adaptive rendering. It can be set to a string phone or tablet which will force the widget to use adaptive rendering regardless of browser type. The grid

How to drag and drop rows between two kendo grids

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Step 1: Consider two grids, a source grid from which you want to drag the rows and a target grid to which you want to drop the rows. For example, var sourceGrid = $("#sourceGrid").data('kendoGrid'); var sourceGridDataSource = sourceGrid.dataSource; var targetGrid = $("#targetGrid").data('kendoGrid'); var targetGridDataSource = targetGrid.dataSource; Step 2: Making the

Removing a Kendo grid row

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Consider a kendo grid with a delete button on each row. <button ng-click="deleteClick($event)"/> Step 1 : Get the selected row of the grid where grid is the unique id of the grid. $scope.getGridCurrentRow = function (event) { return $("#grid").data("kendoGrid").dataItem($('tr')); }; Step 2: Remove the selected row from the grid.