Using Angular Components from Angular JS code

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In this post we will take a look at how to use an Angular Components from AngularJS code using UpgradeModule of Angular. Our first goal is to make our application run both Angular and AngularJS in a hybrid mode. 1. Bootstrap as a hybrid application In order to run

Understanding your laptop specifications

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It’s four years back I got my first laptop. Being a newbie to tech, I had to take my friend’s help in deciding one. I was extremely happy that I got my own laptop and there comes my classmate asking the specifications of my brand new laptop. I was

How can I resize a Kendo Grid column in iPad

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You can enable the Kendo configuration “mobile“. If set to true and the grid is viewed on mobile browser it will use adaptive rendering. It can be set to a string phone or tablet which will force the widget to use adaptive rendering regardless of browser type. The grid

How to redirect the request from default main domain folder to sub folder

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Apache server provide a very useful and handy mode-rewrite module, .htaccess. This file can be used to overwrite the server settings and redirect all requests from main domain to the target sub folder. For example, consider a domain ‘’ which you want to redirect to a sub folder ‘subfolder’.

How to drag and drop rows between two kendo grids

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Step 1: Consider two grids, a source grid from which you want to drag the rows and a target grid to which you want to drop the rows. For example, var sourceGrid = $("#sourceGrid").data('kendoGrid'); var sourceGridDataSource = sourceGrid.dataSource; var targetGrid = $("#targetGrid").data('kendoGrid'); var targetGridDataSource = targetGrid.dataSource; Step 2: Making the

How to close a MailChimp Account

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If you want to permanently delete your account and no longer need to use your current MailChimp account, you can follow the steps below,   Note: After an account is deleted, it can’t be restored. This means all account data, including lists and reports, is removed and can’t be

How to submit WordPress sitemap to Google WebMaster Tools

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An efficient XML sitemap will ease Google to find your website pages and there by improving your rankings. The sitemap file will help the search engine to find and index your blog content in the search engine. Follow the below steps to install and submit your sitemap XML. Step

How to Add Google Analytics to a WordPress site

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Here I’m going to explain the simplest way to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site. Following are the prerequisites, A live WordPress installation (Your WordPress site). Access to your website files (cpanel access). Directions Step 1: Creating a new plugin. Plugins insert code into your site by attaching

Yes, it’s your cup of dreams !

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Do you often give up your dreams feeling really bad about yourself after being criticised? If yes, perhaps you are not the only person in this world who have experienced this worst feeling, just because of one single comment which can even make you feel down. The person being

Enable the develop menu in Safari

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From this menu, mostly developed for Web developers, you can do variety of things related to web development. This is disabled by default and you can enable it easily through the following settings Launch Safari on your Mac Pull down the Safari menu Choose Preferences Once the preferences pane